Too Much Turkey Day?

Too Much Turkey Day?

Thanksgiving – the day where calories don’t count and we all give thanks by eating and eating, and eating some more.  Is it possible to be able to celebrate without gaining five pounds and feeling bloated for the next three days? We at Sages’ Healing Center have come up with a plan for you to enjoy the day but still maintain the healthy lifestyle changes that you have worked so hard to incorporate into your life over the last year.

With a little planning, it is possible to put out a healthy Thanksgiving banquet. If you are in charge of the cooking, it is all in your hands. For an appetizer, consider serving a veggie platter with one or two delicious dips. This way everyone can fill up on veggies before gorging on other richer items. Prepare only one or two carbohydrate items: nobody will miss the dinner rolls and will appreciate the turkey you slaved over instead. A recipe we love is mashed cauliflower – try it instead of it mashed potatos. With butter and garlic or gravy on them, they are just as delicious.

If you are not in charge of the meal, things are a little more challenging. Make a rule ahead of time that you only need to eat one plateful, no seconds. Try to fill half of your plate with veggies (and no, the sweet potatoes with marshmallows don’t count). And don’t forget to chew your food (31 times!)– you will enjoy it longer and it will fill you up faster, and most importantly, you will not feel like a bloated cow afterwards.

Timing of the great feast can also be key. If possible, eat earlier in the day. This gives you more time to digest (a.k.a. burn more calories) before going to bed.  Or, try eating Thanksgiving the slow way– put the food out around lunchtime and let people graze or serve small dishes every hour. It helps the chef out by giving them more time to prepare and it helps you out by spreading the calories out over the day.

The best idea of all is to try to do some sort of movement during the day. If you exercise before you eat, you will be less likely to overeat. After the feast, take a walk, play a round of football, or do any movement at all to get the digestive process going strong. Make it a family tradition to do some sort of exercise together  – it will make the pie (of course one small piece only) taste all the better.
Let us know how it goes!

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