How do I have a healthy & fun Halloween?

How do I have a healthy & fun Halloween?

How can I allow my child to enjoy trick-or-treating without being stuck with tons of unhealthy candy in the house?

As a child, I remember the best thing about October was not the changing leaves or the opportunity to dress up as a princess (although those were great things about the season) but rather my favorite part was going trick-or-treating for candy!

Now as a physician focused on the health and wellbeing of all of my little pumpkin patients, I am concerned about the calories and sugar intake (as well as the dyes, chemicals, etc) that comes along with this holiday tradition. But how could we possibly make this process any healthier without being considered unusually cruel?

Enter “The Great Pumpkin”! This is a method used by many student parents I met while in naturopathic school. How it works is this:

1). Child dresses up in favorite costume and trick-or-treats like all of the regular kids

2). When child comes home with all of their candy, he or she gets to pick 2 treats to enjoy and then leaves the rest for “the Great Pumpkin!”

3). The “Great Pumpkin!” comes in the middle of the night (or right after child goes to sleep ☺), hides candy so it can be donated or disposed of, and then leaves a toy for the child in its place.

This means when your kid wakes up, he or she doesn’t feel like they lost anything at all. Instead they are rewarded for leaving their candy for something that won’t make their teeth rot.

Now, all that is important is that the parents playing the “Great Pumpkin” do get rid of the candy so they too don’t become pumpkin-shaped.

Need more ideas for getting through the holiday season? Sages’ Healing Center has lots of solutions, just ask.

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