How can I protect my health this fall?

How can I protect my health this fall?

Autumn is a time to nurture yourself on a more subtle level, to find peace and prepare for the challenges of winter. Autumn is a good time to relax, focus on spiritual practices, take time to think about your life and celebrate the harvest – your life’s blessings.

Autumn Health Tips:

1. Eat bountiful fresh organic foods. Celebrate the harvest season by eating more root vegetables like carrots, onions, and beets.

2. Boost your immune system in preparation for the cold and flu season. Make an acupuncture or naturopathic appointment at Sages’ Healing Center to give your immune system extra protection for the season.

3. Protect your lungs’ health to keep your immune system strong: Minimize your intake of spicy foods during this season, which may irritate the lungs – making them vulnerable to infection.

4. Avoid drafts and breezes. Cooling temperatures and increased seasonal winds can cause a chill, which sometimes leads to illness.

5. Be aware of dryness – Arizona is home to “dryness,” so it is very important to drink plenty of fluids and take warm baths with your favorite oils.

6. Take time to journal and reflect. The falling leaves of autumn symbolize the transition from an expansive, social summer to the contracting, internalized winter. Reflect on your life now: What are you presently letting go of? What are you cultivating in your life right now?

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