Are you a Weekend Warrior?

Are you a Weekend Warrior?

Now that the weather is getting warmer, how do we keep our bodies healthy as we resume our exercise routines? And keep from getting injured?

The sun is finally shining and our bodies are ready to get out and play in the sunshine. Before you embark on day-long hikes, spend the weekend out gardening, or begin an aggressive exercise regimen to lose that winter weight, you should realize that your body may not be ready to jump right into all of the fun. Instead, it is important gradually work into your summertime movement routines. Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

1). Before working out, the best way to get your muscles warmed up is by going on a walk. Get outside and walk for 10-15 minutes, gradually working the pace. Stretching before exercise can be dangerous when done on cold muscles; instead stretch at the end to keep your muscles from getting sore or even seizing up.

2). Don’t try to climb Granite Mountain (or any other mountain) as your first hike of the spring. Instead stick to an easy to moderate hike, one that lasts 1-2 hours max, and enjoy it! Give your body a chance to just move, be outside, relish in the sun rather than working really hard to get to the top. If you get tired along the way, take a rest. It is not worth pushing yourself because it increases the chance of injury. There is plenty of time to work up to the more strenuous hikes later in the season.

3). Don’t be a “weekend warrior”. These are the people that only move their bodies on the weekends and sit for the rest of the week at work. Instead, try to fit in short walks or other aerobic exercise during the week so you don’t overdo it on the weekends. Weekend warrior injuries are especially common for people who garden: lifting, bending over, and digging can all cause injuries if your body is not used to that sort of movement.

Springtime is a time of transition: let us let our bodies transition too. Listen to it and be cautious to not over do it so when summer comes, we can take full advantage of all of the amazing outdoor activities the season has to offer.

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